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Join the space race and create an adventure in space.
Contains 12 colour and cut out cards, with the following buildings, characters and extras :
The FX1 Rocket
Astronaut Felicity
The FX2 Shuttle and Grab Arm
Space Station Foxtrot
Mission Control
The FX 3 Lunar Lander with Astronauts Kathleen and Dennis
Astronaut Mack
The Moon Garden
Mountains on the Moon
Dr Crockett and Dr Buttercup the Rocket Scientists
The Xlarg Alien family ? Momo, Mimi, Mama and Mumu
The Jenkins Family ? Mum, Dad, Jimmy and pet Proot
The Roberts Robot Family ? Mum, Dad, Rosy and Robbie
Plus a Satellite, Sputnik, Flying Saucer and the Big Space Computer 9000

Space Station Foxtrot

SKU: MLW004*
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